Be a butterfly

The hot summer has already arrived. And we know flowers, sun, bright colors are basic elements of summer. So today I am showing you one colorful shot of my second life with beautiful dress and a cute pose.

Hair: Truth – Bunny – Chocolate (previous Group Gift)

Dress: Kakia Designs – Exclusively Yours Butterfly Dress – Blue (or Pink) NEW!

Pose & Flower: Juxtapose – Daisy Jane Pose Set – Daisy Jane 1 NEW!

x.o.x.o.♥Dolly Sasha


Freezing Winter

Hello! After the counting of new year’s coming, I suddenly feel that the weather is becoming colder and colder. People don’t want to go out on the weekend, and my family also stayed at home cooking and watching movies, just like couch potatoes! Sometimes we even just eat cup noodle as a meal! Isn’t it ridiculous? The restaurants and shops are not crowded with people. I feel so sad for them, because they don’t have income at the cold days! Thus, I cherish that my parents’ jobs don’t rely on weather!

Today I want to share what I would wear in such cold days! And I would like to thank Cliothe Luo-Sole Sisters designer- for giving me such nice cute boots. I would like to wear it the whole winter! Happy Holidays! ❤

Hair: TRUTH – Snow Kitty – chocolate (Holiday SoM gift)

Sweater: House of London – Taylor Holiday Sweater (Holiday SoM gift)

Skirt: Fishy Strawberry – Porcelain Ruffled skirt – Tweed

Socks: Emery – previous free gift

Boots: Sole Sisters –  Shannon Boots – Rosedust (50L NOW!)

Pose: [glow] studio – Mercury 09 (pre TDR item)


x.o.x.o.♥Dolly Sasha


The Lurani collection

Hola! Yesterday I posted 2 outfits of the new collection of Lurani. Today I post the rest of the collection. Wish you like it and don’t forget to grab them soon. According to my experience, the collection will disappear and replaced by new collection due to the autumn’s arrival.

Hair: [Shag] – Somebody’s baby – blonde (TDR)

Skin: LeLutka – Ava light (group gift)

Dress: Lurani – LuraniPrive – GoldenDancer

Heels: Orance Creation – Mercy Gold

Hair.Skin&Heels: same as above

Dress: Lurani – LuraniPrive – LaceCoatedBabydoll

Wish you all have a happy day!

Dolly Sasha

We blog=We SHARE

A few days ago I promised to post the new collection of Lurani! Today is the day for you to know about what’s new and what Gisele brings to all of us. The Collection may not be new to you, but I still want to show you what’s new to me and what I like. That’s sharing! And I believe SL bloggers would agree with me the goodness of sharing. We blog! We SHARE!

This is my favorite out of the collection! I love the headpiece! It can be a decoration but also be a mask! It’s really elegant and make me feel I am a noble in the 17 or 18th century. 🙂

Skin: LeLutka – Ava light (group gift) (join fee is 0L!)

Hair: TRUTH – Renee – Maple

Gown: Lurani – LuraniPrive collection – Aviole

Shoes: Lurani – Checkered Bootie

Hair: [Shag] – Somebody’s baby –  blonde (TDR)

Dress: Lurani – CrystalGoldLaceDress

Shoes: Lurani – Checkered Bootie

Pose: Glitterati – The Sign

I’ll show your other beautiful clothing of the collection in these day! Wish you like it!

Dolly Sasha

I am back with LURANI after 2 months!

Hola all fashionistas! Finally I am back after 2 months’ emptyness. I will try my best to make my blog vivid and colorful in these days! I have to say I am totally out of fashion. I feel so bad to read so many NCs at a time when I logged in. I missed Modavia Fashion Week Shows and the Hair Fair! What a terrible life I had in the past 2 months!

Fortunately, I contacted the fabulous designer of Lurani, Gisele Mubble. She gives me the latest collection. I feel so happy that I can keep up with SL fashion again. And I’d love to bring you girls nice stuffes. Please forgive my old-fashioned looks. And I’d love to hear from all of you stylish people to tell me the newest fashion news inworld! ❤

Dress: Lurani – Blue Marionette Dress (Gisele said I look “fierce” in this dress. I think it’s an interesting  way for compliment!)

Boots: Lurani – Checkered Bootie

Hair: TRUTH – Renee – browns 1

Skin: vive9 – Marianne babydoll – pale

I will show you more photos ASAP! Sorry for the lateness!!! Love you all!

Dolly Sasha

Brand new Lurani has opened!

Hola! First thanks to all of those who read my blog and support me all the time. I haven’t updated my blog for a few weeks, but today I found out that there were many many stats in the past few weeks. I am so surprised but also thankful for my supporters and those who like my articles. Please receive my kisses as a gift! MUAH~

Today I must post the new brand called Lurani created by Gisele Mubble. She gave me the review copies for weeks, and I feel so embarrased and sorry that I didn’t have time to blog them. So today I must blog them to express my grateful attitude for Gisele.

P.S. For those who already know these nice pieces, please forgive me that I blog not-new fashion items.

Skin: vive9 – Marianne II fair Light/Noteeth/Nofrek

Hair: TRUTH – Jess Dune

Dress: Lurani – Vintage dress

Heels: Lurani – Neuicci Pump Black

Pose: EverGlow – Gift pose 5 (Pose Fair)

Top: R.icielli – Brenda 03/04 group gift

Leggings: Lurani – Purple leggings

Heels: Lurani – Neuicci Pump Red

Pose: (xari) – Fly high fist (Pose Fair 2010 Freebie)

x.o.x.o♥Dolly Sasha


 Hola! I didn’t manage my blog for more than one month. Sorry for keeping my lovely fans or readers waiting and waiting. I miss you all very much. Why? Because when I read on Fashion Planet website, I found out that most girls get very stylish, new clothing for their closets. But I am just overwhelming by lots of notecards and objects. I also missed many nice offers and sales. I feel so old-fashioned. 😦 Wish there would be a shopper who can buy those nice clothes and jewelry for me. A SL shopper please!!!

Anyway, after the complaint, I want to show you one great designer’s masterpiece from Rohant! Gisele Mubble made this beautiful grey Metal Dress. She gave me the beautiful dress one month ago I guess… I am so sorry Gisele. I am just too busy in RL that I can’t even spare time to blog this fantastic dress! Now let me show you how good it is!!!

Caught your eyes? Yes, it is really special and I bet it makes us so special in the crowd. In fact, I have already wore it for over one month, since I don’t have time to blog and change it. The skirt is especially special because it’s transparent and the texture is net. We hardly seen one skirt is made of net. It’s really an art. If you want to be the special one, then you really should visit Rohant mainstore and buy it.


Dress: Rohant – Grey Metal Dress

Heels: ANEXX – FringePumps Gold


Sunglasses: Galeria Fashion – black lente vinho

Skin: Vive9 – Marianne light babydoll teeth/no freks

Wish you enjoy a happy holiday! Please keep informed by visiting Dolly Sasha.

I really thanks a lot to those who often visit my blog. Recently I found out that my blog stats is growing! YAY!