My Precious – Summer Bliss

Today I have my second post of Agnes Finney’s great work – Summer Bliss. You can tell at the first sight how suitable is the dress for summer. Florals are always a must and an very important element for summer. This is definitely what I would wear in real life. I don’t want to say more of words. Just see the dress picture below!

Hair: Alli&Ali Designs – April Hair – Brown-Blonde

Top & Skirt: My precious by Agnes Finney – Summer Bliss

Heels: TDR 2 years Pumps gift – Plum (all lefts in TDR, all rights in TDRblue)


x.o.x.o♥Dolly Sasha


My Precious – Mori

Recently I just look through many gorgeous fashionistas’ flickr pictures and I am attracted by Agnes Finney’s artwork – Mori dress. You can tell from the texture how elegant and sophisticated the dress is. I always admire Agnes’s creations and I think she is one of the best Second Life fashion designer. If you want to keep up with SL fashion, then her masterpieces are a must have in your virtual life. Let’s take a look how it looks on me.

Dress: My Precious by Agnes Finney – Mori (Mesh) NEW!

Skin: [Hush] – Marin – Rainbow Group Gift

Hair: MINA – Charlize NEW!

Heels: TDR – 2 years pumps GIFT (5 colors included, right heels in TDR, left heels in TDRb)

Pose: Juxtapose – Say it Right Pose 5


x.o.x.o.♥Dolly Sasha

Cutegirl Mesh Dresses

Summer is already here and sitting next to us. Sunny days make us feel energetic and happy. Many girls are excited to wear bikinis and go to the beach for sun bath. But personally, I don’t like summer because summer is so hot and I will keep sweating once I am outside on the streets. Therefore, I need soft clothing for summertime. And my personal favorites are dresses, comfy T-shirts, and shorts. Those really make me feel cool. Today I dedicate you mesh dresses from SLAVE. The dresses are definitely good for summer!

There are 3 colors of the dress. I love all of them. ❤ And I found good earrings from Mashooka too.

Skin: [Acide] – Muriel Gold Light (NEW at Culture Shock 2012)

Hair: Exile – Perri – Mahogany

Earrings: Mashooka – Kanti jewels Silver – Earrings Hearts (change color with hud) NEW!

Dress: SLAVE – Cutegirl Mesh Dress – urban/blue scripts/silk NEW!

Bag: SHINE – Mesh Satchel bag – Spring Floral NEW!

Pose: flowey – into the blizzard


x.o.x.o.♥Dolly Sasha

Entre Mares

Today I find a very good and gorgeous gown from Entre Mares, which is created by Sykao Adamski. I fall in love with it after seeing the beautiful promo picture. The dress is given a name “Lynn”. I choose the color white to blog, because I like white better than the yellow one. It’s my personal choice. You may have the yellow gown too! Llet’s see what I wear today.

I think Sykao Adamski is such a good gown creator inworld. You can tell how sophisticated is the gown. It shows my shape and make me look sexier. I dare to say every girl has to own this beautiful, elegant, and sexy gown. 🙂


Hair: Exile – Perri – Mahogany

Gown: Entre Mares – Lynn – White

Necklace: BenS Beauty – India Necklace Reds

Dolly Sasha

Moon Festival has come and autumn is saying hello

I am back to SL after 3 weeks. Last Friday was my happy day because of Moon Festival, which is on Monday. Thus, I have 3 days off to relax and have some fun. Moon Festival is one of the big holiday for Chinese. The tradition of Moon festival is to meet family members, watch the full moon in the night, and eat a kind of fruit which is similar to grapes. Being together is a symbol of unite for Chinese and it has become part of our culture.

Usually, the arrival of Moon Festival implies that autumn is coming soon. In the night, the wind is cool and I need to use one more blanket to keep warm. In the morning, the weather is not that hot like summer anymore. There is cool wind blow through my face and I  feel very comfortable. I love the cool weather. I can start to wear my beautiful jackets and vests now.

Today I want to wear summer dress one more time. It could be the last time to wear summer outfits. By the way, I am very happy to receive the new skin gift from Belleza. It’s so beauitful but also suits for the summer-autumn season makeup. And I highly recommend you get the dress I am wearing. It’s my friend – Como Setsuko’s artwork. Isn’t the dress cute and beautiful?

Skin: Bellza – Chloe – Pale (cleavage) [Group Gift] 

Hair: elikatira – Show – Blonde 07

Jewelry: [glow] studio – Twin Spring Set – Paradise [previously in TDR]

Dress: {u.f.o} – Sia Op&Top – Pinkrose

Pose: TDRBlue decoration chair


x.o.x.o.♥Dolly Sasha


Hello my friends! I am finally back to second life today. I’ve been so busy with real life stuffs. I have to admit I miss second life all the time but I just don’t have time to even log in for 5 minutes. I haven’t been in the virtual world for over 3 months. When I just read some second life blogs today, I suddenly find out that I haven’t written even 1 article since May 1st. I am a really terrible second life blogger, cause I didn’t write to share my style and ideas.  No wonder I was deleted by since I didn’t blog for over 60 days. I feel bad when I find out that I was eliminated from

Therefore, when reading other blogs, I’ve made up my mind  to write at least 1 article today to tell my friends and who read my blog  I am back! I don’t want to be forgotten since I am still enthusiastic to share my virtual life and style. In my messy inventory, I am very glad to find very good pieces from Rebel Hope. I am also happy that I don’t miss some goodies such LeLutka’s new skin and Elikatira’s discount hair.

I’d like to emphasize that the reason I choose to wear in black is to astonish everyone who knows me. I want to shout and tell everyone I am back! And that’s why I look cool and don’t look like the original me. I am totally different today, just today…a few days later I think I’d like to be the cute Sasha again. ❤

Hair:  elikatira – Show – Blonde 7 (FLF)

Skin:  LeLutka – Hadley – Ivory/DB (group gift)

Gown & Accessories:  Rebel Hope – etoile

x.o.x.o.♥Dolly Sasha











Queen of China

There are many queens in the world. Though there is no the so called “dynasty”, there are still many royal families in nowadays. UK, Denmark, Sweden, and Greece are the countries which still have kings or queens. Today I am so excited when I know Agnes Finney releases the “Empress” gown and there is the version of Chinese. I love it because I am Chinese and the gown makes me feel comfortable. I also think of the great history of China. There was even a “female” king – Wu Che Tien. It’s unique to have a female leader in China.

Today I am very happy to wear the sophisticated and elegant Chinese gown. I have the chance to be a queen of China. Thank you, Agnes! ❤

Hair:  Exile – Darla – champagne

Gown:  Agnes Finney My precious – Empress (Chinese edition)

Jewelry:  ByKay – Miss Claire Set

x.o.x.o.♥Dolly Sasha