Sunday look

Hello all! Today is Sunday and I am wearing for a cute style and look. It’s not normal and better for relaxing holidays. Though cold but the sun comes out, so I am really in a happy mood today and wish all of you are happy too! Happy weekend!

20140105_001 20140105_002 20140105_003

Hair: 69 – Sweet Devillin – old gift

Skin: Glam Affair – Mokatana – America (Happy Xmas Group gift)

Earrings: Kunglers – Pearls & Gold Earrings (Xmas group gift)

Dress: EASTERiNG – Noemi Dress New!

Shoes: GraffitiWear – White Snow Bell boot (2014 January Sub-o-gift)


x.o.x.o. Dolly Sasha



The new in the old

Hello to my fellow SL fashionistas! After a break since last week, today I am blogging something that’s not new at all but still new enough in the virtual world. As I stated before, I somehow like the good-looking and stylish clothing from EASTERiNG, which is the brand created by designer Cristine Easterling.

Today I am wearing a dress with a pair of cute boots and girls all know even the weather is cold, you couldn’t live without dresses even in the severe cold winter. So let’s wear dress together!


Hair: lamb – bitter – Honeycomb

Dress: EASTERiNG – Lucy Dress (NEW)

Heels: EASTERiNG – Dolly Shoes with HUD to change color (NEW)


x.o.x.o. Dolly Sasha


Why a skin demo costs $1L?

A few days ago, I went visiting some very nice, sophisticated skin stores and wanted to try the looks. Unfortunately, I saw it costs 1L and I stopped buying and trying the skin I am interested. I don’t understand why skin designers charge these demos for 1L? WHY? My definition of “demo” is anything offered for free to let everyone try it. Just like we go to a store in RL. We try the outfits to decide buying them or not. So I think in SL the logic is the same – skin demos should cost 0L!

Perfect makeups for new year

Hola! Today I rush to Chaisuki store to get the fabulous skins and lashes to celebrate new year’s arrival! I think they are very suitable for attending parties, aren’t they? Don’t miss them and grab all of them into your inventory right away! BTW, wish you all happy new year! 🙂

Hair:  LoQ – Glitter for TDRB – Blonde

Lashes:  Chasuki – 43 (Xmas gift03) (gifts are under a big xmas tree!)


x.o.x.o.♥Dolly Sasha

I was so angry!

Yesterday when I just have time to get online and check what’s going on inworld. Suddenly I found out that the Euphoria pre-Christmas sale was gone! I was so mad and angry at myself and the event didn’t last longer! There are so many great designers in Euphoria! It’s such a pity for me not get fabulous outfits by this time! Wish the organizer and designers would hold longer pre-Christmas sale period next year! Please!

Is “Gossip Girl” suitable for adults aged 40~50?

Last week, my mother recommended me to watch one TV series when I just arrived at home. I thought what kind of porgram make my mom fall in love with? Uh! It’s Gossip Girl! I can’t believe my mom would watch this kind of program which often regarded as crap or garbage. My mom really surprised me. She said that we can learn what the rich are thinking by watching Gossip Girl. I think I can’t deny it. It really teach me what scheme is!

What do you think? Do you learn a lot from the teenage TV series?