My comeback stage with COCO Designs

Hello Second Life fashionistas! Two month ago, I just came back to SL after a 1 and half year long break. And you know what happened to my inventory when I just logged in. My inventory was fulled of notecards, group notices and designers’ gifts. It took me a long time to clean and put all stuffs to be organized in each folder. But I was sad that some of my favorite stores already closed last year or even long time ago. It’s such a pity. But as the old ones gone, the new ones also comes up to the stage.

While I found that one of my favorite brand – *COCO* Designs is giving out sophisticated group gifts, I can’t wait to blog them although you may already knew and had them. Apologies for blogging the old gifts but they are one of my favorites.  And wish you will keep reading my blog as I will try my best to share with you what I like.

20131204-COCO Gift_001 20131204-COCO Gift_002

Hair: Exile – Need You Now – Caramello (TDRB sale)

Necklace: *COCO* – GoldChainNecklace (Group gift still available now)

Jacket & Dress: *COCO* – Tuxedo Jacket with Sequin Dress (Group gift still available now)

Eyeliner: T.Z. – Tightlined Double Wing Eyeliner Black

Heels: Orange Creation – Mercy – Gold


x.o.x.o.♥Dolly Sasha


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