My Precious – Mori

Recently I just look through many gorgeous fashionistas’ flickr pictures and I am attracted by Agnes Finney’s artwork – Mori dress. You can tell from the texture how elegant and sophisticated the dress is. I always admire Agnes’s creations and I think she is one of the best Second Life fashion designer. If you want to keep up with SL fashion, then her masterpieces are a must have in your virtual life. Let’s take a look how it looks on me.

Dress: My Precious by Agnes Finney – Mori (Mesh) NEW!

Skin: [Hush] – Marin – Rainbow Group Gift

Hair: MINA – Charlize NEW!

Heels: TDR – 2 years pumps GIFT (5 colors included, right heels in TDR, left heels in TDRb)

Pose: Juxtapose – Say it Right Pose 5


x.o.x.o.♥Dolly Sasha


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