Hello my friends! I am finally back to second life today. I’ve been so busy with real life stuffs. I have to admit I miss second life all the time but I just don’t have time to even log in for 5 minutes. I haven’t been in the virtual world for over 3 months. When I just read some second life blogs today, I suddenly find out that I haven’t written even 1 article since May 1st. I am a really terrible second life blogger, cause I didn’t write to share my style and ideas.  No wonder I was deleted by since I didn’t blog for over 60 days. I feel bad when I find out that I was eliminated from

Therefore, when reading other blogs, I’ve made up my mind  to write at least 1 article today to tell my friends and who read my blog  I am back! I don’t want to be forgotten since I am still enthusiastic to share my virtual life and style. In my messy inventory, I am very glad to find very good pieces from Rebel Hope. I am also happy that I don’t miss some goodies such LeLutka’s new skin and Elikatira’s discount hair.

I’d like to emphasize that the reason I choose to wear in black is to astonish everyone who knows me. I want to shout and tell everyone I am back! And that’s why I look cool and don’t look like the original me. I am totally different today, just today…a few days later I think I’d like to be the cute Sasha again. ❤

Hair:  elikatira – Show – Blonde 7 (FLF)

Skin:  LeLutka – Hadley – Ivory/DB (group gift)

Gown & Accessories:  Rebel Hope – etoile

x.o.x.o.♥Dolly Sasha












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