What the hell

Today’s Saturday and I feel relaxed. I am listening to Avril Lavigne’s song – what the hell. The song makes me feel excited and wanna go out for fun with friends. In fact, I don’t really have a chance to go to the real night club where we can dance. I only went to lounge bars where I can chat with my friends. In some way, I think the drinks at bars or clubs are expensive. So I won’t spend all my money to just drink. I’d rather get Starbucks coffee and sitting there to read a book. My friends always say that I should be wilder on weekends. Because weekends are for us to relax and rest. It makes sense too. I may not be wild in real life, but I can be wild in second life. Thus, I’d wear sexy outfits in the virtual world.

Thalia has reached over 20,000 members in the group, so Thalia Tal decides to give group members the sexy outfits.

Skin:  Belleza – Erika – Pale  (Group Gift)

Hair:  Kookie – Kate – vanilla yoghurt

Dress:  Thalia – Dare me Dress (20,000 members group gift)

Boots:  Thalia – Dare me – black  (8 colors in total) NEW!

Pose:  Morgane Batista – Morgane’s Shoot – watch my boots 2  (moving gift)

x.o.x.o.♥Dolly Sasha


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