My first time in ALBERO Kawaii Hunt

It’s my first time to join the ALBERO Kawaii Hunt. I think it’s the most interesting and creative hunt, because hunters have to find the 16 little tree object first to make the hud picture full and complete. After fulfilling the picture showed in the hud, then you can tp to stores to get your gifts. Before you click the red gift box, you have to wear the hud and then you can get it. Start the hunt here, and once you click the little tree object, you’ll get one piece of the hud picture and the next object location’s clue (a picture) will be given in local chat. Get all 16 pieces, then you already finish the hunt and you can get all these great gifts. Good luck and happy hunting!

Sky Sphere:  A.D.D. (Kawaii Hunt)

Pose and plant:  No Strings Attached – Dandy (Kawaii Hunt)

Top:  So Many Styles – Satin Beaded Top Green (Kawaii Hunt)

Leggings:  Fishy Strawberry – Sequins Leggins – Black

Shoes:  Duh! – Floral Linen Flats Albero (Kawaii Hunt)

Skin:  Les Petits Details – Pink Flower Special Edition (Kawaii Hunt)

Eyeshadow:  HooT – LadyBug Eyes (Kawaii Hunt)

Cups Hat:  Ingenue – Teetering Teacups Chapeau (Kawaii Hunt)

Earrings:  Willow – Full Feather Earrings (Kawaii Hunt)

(Only for one ear, so you’d better get 2!)

TV & Pose:  Tasty – Mine Mini TV (Kawaii Hunt)


x.o.x.o.♥Dolly Sasha



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