Green is a bright color…

Yesterday we all know Japan had severe earthquake and many people are in panic. As everyone’s wish, I also wish Japan will be fine soon. Today I wear in green, one reason is that St. Patrick’s Day is coming, another reason is that I think green is a bright color – cheer people up and comfort. I want to wear green to express my big wish, and wish God will bless everyone in Japan, no matter local people or those who go for help. I really feel so lucky and am grateful that my country is in peace. Let’s pray for Japan!

Skin:  AMD – Arabell Skin – Pure Juice Event 75L

Eyeshadow:  BOOM – Hard Candy – Pink Sugar (Kozmetika Gift)

Hair:  Head Mistress – Dream a Dream – Blonde 1 (Pure Juice Event)

Earrings & Dress & Stocking:  G*Field – St’ Patrick’s Day Gift


x.o.x.o.♥Dolly Sasha


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