Today I receive a preview pack from Lurani designer – NyuNyu Kimono. This outfit is named Maki. It’s cute though with black, white and grey such simple colors. Let’s check it out!

The outfit looks good. But when I have a close-up, I find out there is a flaw in the jacket part. The grey stripe of body part doesn’t match with the prim one. Look below:

Thank NyuNyu for creating and giving such cute outfit. Wish the prim problem can be solved. It’s good to try to create clothing for SL residents. After all, we really need nice outfits to make our SLs better and cool.



Hair:  Clawtooth – Snow Bunny – Girl next door (The Seasons Hunt Gift)

Earrings:  [glow] studio – 2010 bestsellers – round me

Outfit:  Lurani – Maki White (by NyuNyu Kimono)

Boots:  Redgrave – Classic Leather Boots – Red


x.o.x.o.♥Dolly Sasha


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