Why a skin demo costs $1L?

A few days ago, I went visiting some very nice, sophisticated skin stores and wanted to try the looks. Unfortunately, I saw it costs 1L and I stopped buying and trying the skin I am interested. I don’t understand why skin designers charge these demos for 1L? WHY? My definition of “demo” is anything offered for free to let everyone try it. Just like we go to a store in RL. We try the outfits to decide buying them or not. So I think in SL the logic is the same – skin demos should cost 0L!


4 thoughts on “Why a skin demo costs $1L?

  1. I agree. I usually wont shop at places that charge for the demos or will end up buying a lot less. Why should I pay to TRY on an item? So what if it cost the designer money to upload the demo. Don’t they want people to try on an item before they buy so they can be completely satisfied? Demos should always be free.

  2. I agree w/ you also, but then my friend who does well for themselves creating skins was telling me how much it costs to upload all their work on a new or batches of new skins and I was floored!
    So, I’m not sure now.

  3. I think the designers should already think of that before creating his/her own brand. It’s the price you have to pay before you make a lof of money. A investment!

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