Burning your life by destroying your healthy?

Hola! I am back from RL again. I am glad that in this time I am not so left behind by the SL fashion and news. At least I don’t find out my inventory is crowded with notecards or poping windows. At least I can take a little break and browse through Fashion feeds and beautiful bloggers’ articles SLOWLY.

Today I am glad I get a gift from SySy. The outfit is very African style to me. I like it very much. The color is very beautiful and suits the weather –  autumn/winter. But isn’t it cold if we wear it in RL now? lol

SySy told us in the notecard that she’s inspired by the idea of “burning life event”. Well, I have to say the color of this outfit matches the idea of “Burning”. The topic makes me think of what can lead to burning life? My opinion is working so hard or staying up late, then your body and liver may start burning. What do you think?

Skin: vive9 – Gemma

Hair: lamb

Outfit: SySy’s – Burn2 Outfit (GIFT)

Pose: [doll.] – Julia 09


LOVE♥Dolly Sasha


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