I don’t want to go out in these days

Hola! Halloween’s end means cold winter is arriving. Today I get up and feel the freezing wind. I really don’t want to leave my warm bed and quilt. But, I think I can check my closet and wear those beautiful coats, jackets, and scarves for cold winter. How about you? Do you already wear these to warm up for a long time?

SL is really good that though cold, I can still see blue, clear sky instead of cloudy days. ❤

Skin: vive9 – Po light Breeze 2 skin

Hair: Modd.G – Ivy – Sunny Blond (Free)

Sweater: -tb- – Boxy Striped Sweater (Purple) (Season Hunt)

Skirt: Veschi – Meshed Potatoes Skirt w’ belt (previous TDR blue)

Socks: Modd.G –  Trix Sheer Thigh Socks Purple  (Gift)

Boots: -MonS- – LadyGaga ankle colorfull boots – begie



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