I am back with LURANI after 2 months!

Hola all fashionistas! Finally I am back after 2 months’ emptyness. I will try my best to make my blog vivid and colorful in these days! I have to say I am totally out of fashion. I feel so bad to read so many NCs at a time when I logged in. I missed Modavia Fashion Week Shows and the Hair Fair! What a terrible life I had in the past 2 months!

Fortunately, I contacted the fabulous designer of Lurani, Gisele Mubble. She gives me the latest collection. I feel so happy that I can keep up with SL fashion again. And I’d love to bring you girls nice stuffes. Please forgive my old-fashioned looks. And I’d love to hear from all of you stylish people to tell me the newest fashion news inworld! ❤

Dress: Lurani – Blue Marionette Dress (Gisele said I look “fierce” in this dress. I think it’s an interesting  way for compliment!)

Boots: Lurani – Checkered Bootie

Hair: TRUTH – Renee – browns 1

Skin: vive9 – Marianne babydoll – pale

I will show you more photos ASAP! Sorry for the lateness!!! Love you all!

Dolly Sasha


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