I am Alice, not Sasha.

Today when I brow through FashionPlanet website, Gogo’s “Alice in wonderland skybox” post totally catch my eyes. I rush to the skybox right away, and I am so amazed how beautiful and interesting it is. So I want to be Alice today. I want to experience the exciting things. I want to meet crazy hatter. I want to become smaller. haha it must be very funny and bring me a lot of fun. Well it’s impossible for me to get through all of these, so I just did it in SL! That’s when the SL shows its value. 🙂 Come join me and have fun in the experiences.

I sit on the tulip. Don’t call me Sasha. Call me Alice! Thank Gogo for sharing the nice place!

Skin: Fishy Strawberry – Natalie – Panna Scarab light push up

Hair: lamb! – The Glow Deux – powder (previous group gift)

Tee: SF Design – London t shirt womens

Skirt: Ty Zvezda – High mini skirt – D. Autumn Lake Sunset (50L Friday)

Heels: Deviant Designs – Christmas Candy Jane

*Sim: Liberty City

x.o.x.o♥Dolly Sasha


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