Sascha’s Designs | Waterfall

Ni hao! (I just speak Chinese.) Today I am so happy that I want to attend a party and stay up late in the night till morning and then sleep till noon. But it’s tuesday, it’s not a holiday for me to revel, so I have to go to bed early and get up early in the morning to take classes. 😦 Fortunately, I have SL to realize my dream. And today, I don’t want to go to a night club to get drunken. I want to attend a big ceremony or festival with formal gowns. I am happy to introduce you the Waterfall gown from Sascha’s Designs. It has four styles for you to wear. And I have to say, it makes me feel like I am a princess. 🙂 Now I am happy again! Let’s check out the awesome gown, and don’t forget to get it for your party or any kind of places.

Skin: Vive9 – Marianne II fair*Light/Noteeth/Nofrek

Hair: lamb! – The Glow Deux – powder (group gift)

Gown: Sascha’s Designs – Waterfall Pink

x.o.x.o♥Dolly Sasha


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