Hola! I didn’t manage my blog for more than one month. Sorry for keeping my lovely fans or readers waiting and waiting. I miss you all very much. Why? Because when I read on Fashion Planet website, I found out that most girls get very stylish, new clothing for their closets. But I am just overwhelming by lots of notecards and objects. I also missed many nice offers and sales. I feel so old-fashioned. 😦 Wish there would be a shopper who can buy those nice clothes and jewelry for me. A SL shopper please!!!

Anyway, after the complaint, I want to show you one great designer’s masterpiece from Rohant! Gisele Mubble made this beautiful grey Metal Dress. She gave me the beautiful dress one month ago I guess… I am so sorry Gisele. I am just too busy in RL that I can’t even spare time to blog this fantastic dress! Now let me show you how good it is!!!

Caught your eyes? Yes, it is really special and I bet it makes us so special in the crowd. In fact, I have already wore it for over one month, since I don’t have time to blog and change it. The skirt is especially special because it’s transparent and the texture is net. We hardly seen one skirt is made of net. It’s really an art. If you want to be the special one, then you really should visit Rohant mainstore and buy it.


Dress: Rohant – Grey Metal Dress

Heels: ANEXX – FringePumps Gold


Sunglasses: Galeria Fashion – black lente vinho

Skin: Vive9 – Marianne light babydoll teeth/no freks

Wish you enjoy a happy holiday! Please keep informed by visiting Dolly Sasha.

I really thanks a lot to those who often visit my blog. Recently I found out that my blog stats is growing! YAY!



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