Black, black still black

Today I got some nice black items from Glam Affair, HouseofFox, Rohant, and JILL. It seems that fashionable designers like BLACK very much. To admit, black is really a fashion color in every season. You can tell black isn’t out of fashion since long long time ago. Black can be sexy and elegant. I can’t think man words to describe how does black look like, but I beliebe everyone admits that BLACK is really a nice color for fashion. Let’s see some black fashion outfits from great SL fashion designers.

1.Glam Affair: The whole outfit including hair,skin, dress, necklace and neckwarmer are all from the Glam Affair 1L gift bag. Don’t miss such a good opportunity to get sophisticated stuffs from a great designer. The gift bag is near the front door.

–Heels: ANEXX – LeatherGladiatorHeels Black

–Sunglasses: So Many Styles – Bugeye Glasses Mint (only 35L!)

2.HouseofFox: This skirt, bra, corset, gloves and silver leggings are from HouseofFox. The store has reopend and the designer give out group memebers such nice outfits. Do you want to miss these gifts? No way! TP to there now! Btw, I am glad that the leggings isn’t BLACK again. It’s silver!

–Heels: ANEXX – LeatherGladiatorHeels Black

–Sunglasses: So Many Styles – Bugeye Glasses Mint (only 35L!)

–Necklace & Hair: Glam Affair 1L gift bag item

–Silver Leggings: HouseofFox Group Gift

3.Rohant/HouseofFox: This is another branch store from HouseofFox. These two stores are located at the same sim. So you can easily visit these two stores. There are not many outfits for sale, because the store is reopened so still under struction. Rohant also offer two outfits for FREE, one in black and one in white. They aren’t ALL black items again!

–Outfit: Rohant BlackSequins (Free)

–Dress: Rohant White Couture Gift (Free)

4.JILL: Jill Lemon offers group members of JILL the sports outfit for free. It is casual and makes me wanna to relax the whole week. Thanks Jill for offering such relaxing outfit! The fun thing is that it is BLACK too! It seems I am in the line with black today lol.

–Shoes: A.Y.Y Chucks (Cherry)

Wish you enjoy the BLACK DAY I bring up!

xoxo♥Dolly Sasha


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