Do you like satin dress?

We all know there are too many kinds of dresses. Which one do you like? Why? Does that make you look more brilliant  and stunning? For me, it must be good enough and make me a person who has her own style. I think that’s important. Once the dress is too stunning and make people not pay attention to you, then I think it is not suitable for you.

Today I show you one piece of works from Galeria Fashion. I don’t think it is suitable for me. LOL! I am a more cute person, so it is so weird to wear the dress. But I really like satin dress, simple and good-looking. Let’s see what I wear.

How do you think? Am I suitable for the beautiful satin dress? My favorite point of the this dress is that the back is empty, so you can see the beautiful back of yours. Boys definitely will love it! BTW, the dress is ONLY 10L at the store. You really should get it! It’s right in the center of the store. And you can find out other dollarbies.

DRESS: Galeria Fashion – Satin prim dress blue and gold (10L dollarbie!)

HAIR: ETD – Anisa blonde

SKIN: ROMI – Shannon 03

HEELS: Brazilian Style – Azul Listrado

xoxo♥Dolly Sasha


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