Exercise in the cold winter

OMG! Today I left home and felt the chilling wind came to me. The weather is so cold in these days, especially today. I have no idea why it suddenly becomes so cold. But I really realize that the weather of the world is changing and I believe the world is taking revenge on human beings. We really destruct and hurt the globe too much. We really need to protect the world, so I start to be a vegetarian. Though getting hungry easily, I think I will be used to it. Wish we all can protect the world and do something for the land.

Back to the topic, I decide to do some exercise to keep myself feel warm. I love tennis. I am not a good player, but I like to play it as fun. In fact, I like to watch people play tennis rather than I do. You know there are many handsome tennis stars. hahaha 😀

SKIN: ROMI – Shannon 03

HAIR: Kookie – Merry Xmas Chiggy beta hair (25L, 3 colors)

SWEATER & SKIRT SET: salire – knit set (1L)

LEGWARMER: salire – group gift 5 – border 2

SHOES: A.Y.Y. – Trevor Turner Lo Chucks

xoxo♥Dolly Sasha


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