Meeting with Designer

Have you had an experience that you met a fashion designer accidentally? I have! Yesterday, I met the designer of Aphrodite Creations (AC), Aphrodite Outlander.She’s not only kind, generous, but also outgoing. We had a long conversation and had a lot of fun together. She’s different to other designers. She doesn’t have that kind of pride just because she’s a fashion designer. I admire that!

She’s so kind that she gave me some her designs such as heels and dresses! Now I desire to show you what she gave me. Please forgive me even if you already know the designs. It has been a while, but still looks good!

Aren’t they  beautiful?

There are heels colletions in her store too. What I got is a gold colletion:

They are so sophisticated!!!  You can tell the three are a set. The difference is that the three heels are different: general heel, wood heel, and shiny wood heel. They are a must in your closet!

*other details*: Skin-ROMI-Shannon / Hair-Maitreya-Alex natural blond

Later I will tell you a story and the stunning pics taken by me.

x.o.x.o♥Dolly Sasha


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