Have fun with Aphrodite

Yesterday, I met Aphrodite again. Then I suddenly thought that we could take pictures together for friendship and fun. It was so much fun lol. We both tried poses that Aphrodite created and couch couple poses from Abiss. Take a look at what we shoot 🙂 :

This pose is created by Aphrodite. She’s a genius, isn’t she? I like the pose very much. It shows two good girl friends are very happy together! You can tell we wear the same colletion dress called Perdu that I wrote about it before.

Oh MY! Look at us. We are fighting and arguing. I am cool and calm, but Aphro is so furious. What are we fighting about? Just becasue WE WEAR THE SAME DRESS. That’s often when girls do that lol. We both want to be the very stunning one in a party. How do you think? Who is better in this dress? VOTING time yeah!

*Details*: Dress-Aphrodite Creation-Haute / Heels: Aphrodite Creation / Pose: Abiss

After the fight, we decided to make peace. So we wear the same style of tanks and pants but in different colors. We became good friends again lol! Grils just have such dramatic transformations, from good, bad, to good. like a cycle? I don’t know. You judge it. And please don’t get me wrong. I am actually very good with Aphro. She’s amazing and sexy. You will be drawn to her side little by little once you get along with her! BTW, the pose is also created by Aphro, so I said she’s a genius. All the clothes, bracelets, and heels are created by her! Woo…

*Details*: Tank- AC-Lace / Pants-AC-Sam Jeanstyle / Heels-AC-Sasy Chic / Bracelets-AC-Cubeness

Thank you for the dedication of everything, Aphro. Love you!

x.o.x.o♥Dolly Sasha


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