From summer, autumn, to winter

Time flies! We were wearing hot shortie and tanks, now we have to wear sweaters, jeans and boots to keep ourselves warm. Every season has its own style and gives people different feelings. Now winter is on. I find myself feeling good and I am so calm. Why is that? I have no idea. Maybe I am used to the cold wind. I have to say I am afraid of hot weather, so you know I sweat a lot in summer times. Now it’s winter, how can we live without winter clothes?

I am so glad to find out that caLLie cLine was offering winter set! It is so sexy. Let’s check out!

callie cline 50L item

We all know there is the 50L event every week. I am so happy that caLLie have this for just 50L, because we all know how sophisticated her creations are and how expensive they could be. Thank you for the nice offering, caLLie! I also get the Maitreya subscribe gift-SoHo BOOTS! Do you know how much it is? Maitreya always offters high class clothes, shoes, hairs and every aspect of women’s fashion. Thank you too, onyx!

Clothes: caLLie cLine – 50L friday winter class outfit

Hair: lamb – 50L friday Say Twix/Highlighty

Skin: Tuli – Bella fair group exclusive

Boots: Maitreya – SoHo boots Patent Mix Black (group gift)


This three cute dresses are what I found when I was wondering around Elate store. They are FREE! So run to the store ASAP!

Dresses: Elate – Claire (Freebie)

Flats: 50 flats – Flower w/o leaves


This is free from Elate lucky chair. I have to say I was so lucky. When I just looked around at Elate, the lucky chair changed its letter to “S”. That’s why I was so lucky. I even don’t have to wait! lol Thank you, Kellie!

Dress: Elate – Eve(Blush) – lucky chair prize

Heels: Sweeter Than Candy – Dolly Hearts Violet 


x.o.x.o♥Dolly Sasha


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