Crazy for DYN!

Hi! It has been over 2 months that I don’t blog again. Sometimes I think what I am doing in real life. Real life makes me feel tired and after hard work, I just want to lie on couch and be a couch potato! Sighs… I even don’t have any power to check e-mails and get online to play SL. So I am blogging now which means I have power. lol… Anyway, today I want to show you one of my favorite fashion brands in SL – DYN! It is created by British fashionable women. I am so sorry that I forget the designer’s name. Actually it has a designing group, and every designer does great job on creating hip-hop and sexy outfits both of men and women.

Let’s take a look at what I bought from DYN!


From Left to Right:

1) Skin: Chaisuki – Alisha carrageen light (reopening sim hunt gift)

     Hair: 69 – EGOIST – Blonde

     Outfit: DYN – Came Vest and Shorts Set

     Boots: SFS – Compimentary Destroyer Boots(size S)

2) Skin: Chaisuki – Specials snow ivory (reopening sim hunt gift)

     Hair: 69 – HUG ME – Pearlblonde

     Dress: DYN – Green Flouncy Dress

     Heels: G Field – T-Strap Sandal Citrus – lime

3) Skin: the same as 2)

     Hair: the same as 2)

     Tank: DYN – Green Tee with Ties

    Pants: Valiant – Cream Dress Boardies

    Heels: the same as 2)


4) Skin: the same as 2)

     Hair: the same as 2)

     Shirt: DYN – Raspberry Top

     Jeans: caLLie cLine – floral 1/2 wash b&w pants

     Heels: Brazilian Style – ROSA E PRATA

5) Skin: the same as 2)

     Hair: the same as 2)

     Dress: DYN – Grey Zip Dress

     Heels: Brazilian Style – BQ SILVER SHINESS



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