Yesterday I saw the news of Tuli is giving out new group gift of a whole series of new skin tones. I grab it home immdediately when I noticed the news. And I checked out the Group info in notice. I find out there is gift for group memebers. It is a very silk, soft white shirt. I love it. It shows my feminine side very well and I believe every girl who wears it will fall in love for it!

It really makes your think of the nice summer days and I suddenly see a view full Tulips flourishing on the massive ground. So you know why I am putting myself in an Tulips garden. It really makes feel happy and get rid of the tiring feeling after work. Only there days left for the work! Yeah! At that time I am going to revel with friends! haha… Go to the Netherlands and then I can many many tulips in the field and maybe I can meet a handsome guy! I am totally a daydreamer. But I encourage everyone to dream your dream. Once you think of it as often as possible, then one day you will realize it will come true!!!

Speaking to dreams come true, I think of one book called “Secrets”. You definitely know the book. It is too famous and till now it is a hot topic in our daily lives. The book suggests you always think your dream and don’t take the dream as a dream. We have to imagine that the dream is true in our lives and one day you will find out it has come true!!! Grab every moment and enjoy your dreams, dear friends!

Tuli-"Star" Skin

Skin: Tuli – Hope Star – vip group gift

Shirt: Tuli – Wide sleeve shirt- white – exclusively vip group gift

Shorts: Freesoul – mini frazzled jeans – previous profile pick gift

Hair: AVEDA – Med Straight – Champagne




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