Jogging in the park

Hiya! Right now is summer, so it is good for us to go out doing some exercise. Today I was jogging in a park. Suddenly I thought of health is very important. So everyone should exercise for a while in his/her daily life. Most of us live in big cities. We know the difference of cities and countries. Metropolitan cities are very busy, on the contrast, countries’ pace is rather slow from cities. I think living in the countries when we are old is fine. But as we are still young, we should stay in the city and try to make money or produce products and thoughts to make the society become more steady. Anyway, after reading my murmuring, it is time to show you what I wear when I go jogging. I especially want to introduce one nice thing.

Sports Girl

You got it? I want to introduce the lovely PINK sneakers from AiYaiYai. It is sale items right near the door of the AiYaiYai store. ONLY 10L!!! So go grab it ASAP! Can you imagine such  lovely sneakers only cost 10L? You definitely don’t want to miss it.

ok! Go back to the Topic “Cities v.s Countries”. No matter where we live or where we are from, we always should exercise on a regular basis. It is good for our health and even has the effection of overcoming pressures. By the way, you can still wear fashionable and exercise!


Hair: TRUTH – Ana Lu

Top: (v9) Freebie Bag – Berry T

Watch: 25ans pr-gift for group.

Sneakers: AiYaiYai dollarbie (10L)




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