Back again!

*waves Hello*

Hiya all fashionistas! I am finally back from RL. I haven’t posted for almost one month. I have no idean how busy I could be.(sighs) Anyway, I am back from RL and I am very happy to have fun in SL again. The most excited is that I receive the news of being rejcted from Ibizarre group. But I join the new subscribe-o-matic group and get one fabulous jacket from the group! You definitely have to go and join it! And there are more gifts offered on the counter of the store. I got one set with long top and pants, a fatpack of 15 color nails, and a set of cute bikinis for great summer!

Let’s check what I get:

Ibizarre subscribe-o-matic gift: Karo Jacket (pink)

very nice jacket, huh? I love it so much. The white pants and nails are both from Ibizarre too!

Jacket: Ibizarre Welcome gift-Karo Jacket (pink) (You will get it by subscribing to it.)

Pants: Ibizarre Gift bag-Long Top and pants (only show the pants) (It’s on the counter which is in front of the gate.)

Nails: Ibizarre Fatpack  nail polish(15 colors)-punta ana pink

Skin: Tuli profile picks special reward-Hope pale

Hair: UnPick SummaryHair[cheapie]-Honey (just 1L!)

Ibizarre Gift: Long Top + pants

Long Top + pants: Ibizarre Gift bag (on the counter!)

Heels: Maitreya Free Black Slinky Stilettos (no longer available)

Necklace: MALT Fashions-Loveable Necklace Color Change (I’m not sure it is still available.)


Well, hope you like my post after keep you waiting for such a long time.



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