Hiya! Everyone knows that summer is coming. We can show our great shapes and bodies again, ladies! What’s more, we can wear sexy, alluring bikinis on the beach and men definitely will stare at us! Haha……

STC group gift San Tropez

Are you staring at me? lol!

I got this from Sweeter Than Candy(STC) group gift 5/3. It’s very sexy right? Quickly run to STC and join the group! But I am not sure whether it is still available. Wish you luck!

Hair: ETD – Alysha – Blonde

Bracelets: I forgot!

Coquette group gift

I am sunbathing now. It is so good to feel the warm of sun. I am on the Greek beach now. Greece is my favorite country. I’d love to live there forever.:) still looking at me? or my bikini? aha! caught you watching…

Pink bikini: Coquette group gift

Hair: TRUTH – Izzy (1L dollarbie)

Happy summer times!!!




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