Everyone Worth Knowing

Hi!!! It has been a long time that I don’t post any articles on my blog in the past 10 or more days. Recently I have a crush on reading, and especially I like to read fashion novels such as “The devil wears Prada”. I finished reading “Everyone worth knowing” and I want to share with you my ideas about this book. It is a novel written by Lauren Weisberger, the author of “The devil wears Prada”. Though it was quite a long time ago published, I still think it is very good and full of entertainment. This book also reveals the real life of New York!

The main character is Bette Robinson, who gets a brand new job at Kelly’s PR and event planning firm in New York. There she meets many celebrities. She meets such a handsome guy called Phillips, British. In the fashion world, Bette is seduced by many luxious stuffes and men…

I DO think it is worth reading. Though it may not give you knowledge or other meaningful ideas, it truly reveals the dark side of the fashion world. Once you step into the vicious world, you have to be aware of everyone. Everyone has his/her own intentions, no matter for money or fame. We do so because we have to live. While doing somthing bad in our daily lives, we have to think how to reduce the harm on others. It is nothing but a moral issue. When you enjoy the life of luxury, sex or more, remember take others into consideration and protect yourself. In general, this book gives us entertainment and makes us dream, but it does offter deeper meanings behind the words.

OK! I talk too mcuh. If you don’t like my murmuring, please just skip this article. If you have some feelings of this book, please share with me! Wish you happy everyday!




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