[LeeZu] always establishes such sophisticated outfits, no matter dresses, gowns, or shoes. A while ago, I received a subscribe-0-matic gift from [LeeZu]. It is so beautiful, isn’t it? I am stunning by the creative thoughts of the designer. You can wear it in SIX ways! That’s really an innovation. Can you imagine wearing the dress by going well with other pieces? The following picture is the gift I got:


It is very beautiful and sophisticated, isn’t it? The gloves also are nice accessories. I can tell you this is my favorite outfit recently. This dress is called “REVOLUTION Pan”. It really is a revolution! What are you waiting for? TP to the main store and join the group! I know many of you have already fallen in love with [LeeZu]. Those who haven’t joined the group, hey, don’t hesitate anymore!


Dress: [LeeZu] – REVOLUTION Pan (subscribe gift)

Hair: Maitreya – Aimee – Natural blonde

Heels: Brazilian Style – SCARPIN DARK WINE




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