Narkissos Fashion Showcase

After a long break away from SL, I am back and attend the Narkissos Fashion Show. I stay away from SL for too long to keep up with the latest news and know the fashion trend. Fortunately, when I just got online 4/12, I received the note card from edo Tone. Narkissos is a Fashion Village. To be more correct, it is a runway. This fashion show is mainly a show which mix many designers’ works. edo Tone picked those fabulous works by himself and present at 4/12 2pm to fashionistas.

When I just landed in Narkissos, I was so excited. Because I had left for too long and forgot how wonderful it is when seeing many people are so handsome and gorgeous and they are waiting for the models coming out. I heard  the scream and applause. My nerve was tense, but this tense was fine. I felt  so happy and screamd and applaused with the audience. That moment made me feel very very excited. No wonder most people like SL very much, or should I say they love the feeling of hanging out together and appreciating the wonderful works? I have to admit, I too damn love this kind feeling. It is just like having sex with the one you love. Please forgive my straight words. Sex is even better, but the exciting feeling is very good too! Back to topic, the show is very wonderful and very successful. But I have to complain the problem about SL-CRASH. It really disturbs me. I missed many outfits all because of crash, and I even crash twice, oh my! So I didn’t have enough time to snapshot the scene for you. The following is the only photo I took at the beginning of the show.

Narkissos Fashion Showcase

Sorry for the poor shooting. The time to rezz was too long, so I couldn’t wait taking this photo. At least you can see the runway and what was the model wearing. I forgot her name. Sorry, beauty. As you can see, the gown is very perfect. The audience kept applausing and shouting. That really made me thrilled!!! What a pity I couldn’t see all of the perfect works. edo Tone, please do another fashion show for us again. I definitely will attend!




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