Hiya! Finally I am back  to SL from busy RL. Because of busy work and the feeling of tireness, I quitted playing SL for a while. Now I feel refreshed and I start blog again. Hope you still remember me and I will try my best to bring you with new, fresh and fashionable things.

Kunglers Group Gift Mar.25

When I just got online, I received Kunglers’ group gift from Barbara. Thank you, Barbara. I decide to wear it and go out hunting or shopping with it. The gift includes the dress, stocking, bracelet and prim nails. I love this outfit. It strongly shows us an independent woman’s style. We are confident and being ourselves no matter how others think. We are just us. We love to be beautiful and that’s how we are. Men, I believe you like to stare at beautiful and sexy women on the street. So please don’t speak ill of us and can’t figure out why women always want to dress themselves up and spend lots of time on our looks. Most are because of you, men! You like to look at beautiful ladies so your girlfriends or wives try hard to draw your attention. Please look at your partners more often, and please give them compliment sometimes. If you are not the one I am talking about, please ignore my words. The above is just what I think according to experiences of RL.


Dress: Kunglers group gift Mar.25 (including bracelet, prim nails and stockings)

Heels: Brazilian Style – SSCARPIN DARK BROWN

Sunglasses: Galeria Fashion Sunglasses 1 black lente vinho

Hair: Maitreya – Aimee – Beach Blonde




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