No rest on the weekend

Hiya! I’ve been a long time not blogging and logging in SL to check what happens inworld and what fabulous designers are releasing. 😦 All because of RL, we have to work or do things to make a living. It sounds sucks, but I think that’s why we can make a wonderful virtual place. We have real life experiences and we can use these elements when creating or innovating inworld. For example, we wear many style of outfits, so designers can create outfits for us to wear in SL. The variety and diversity of outfits and other things make us special and distinguished. We have our own house with lovely furniture. We can build an ideal house which we’ve been eager for so long. We have a great number of outfits to choose and we even can create out own style by going one with one another. I am murmuring now…sorry for that. Wish you happy everyday no matter how busy it is in RL like me. Happy holidays!!!

Rebel Hope VDay Dress

I try new makeups. Because I want to try different style from work days. It looks good on me, and it can show that I am Asian. 🙂

Skin: [RockBerry] – Kissed Hunt Light Shaved

Hair: TRUTH – Makayla blondes 2 – Dune

Dress: Rebel Hope Designs – Valentine Dress

Necklace: Rebel Hope Designs – Engel Jewelry

Joanie Black White Pantset

Time for work! Though my work is done at home, but I want to relax at home, not doing work…

Pantset: Marvela’s Dress shop – Joanie Black White Pantset

Belt: Kiss Store – 1L gift bag belts (I am not sure it is still available. It is really a nice store though small one.)

Sunglasses: ROLE OPTIC – Gift white sunglasses

Gucci Bag: JR Gucci bag (I forget where I got it.)

Watch: 25ans watch (free)

Kunglers Group Gift Mar.10

Skin: Imagen – New sim open Shamrock hunt – Trebol 4 – (IS) Irene Notre Verde

Outfit: Kungelrs – Group Gift Mar.10

Heels: Brazilian Style – BQ BROWN DEGRA




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