Sunny Smiles

Crush Factory-N Heart Cotton Dress

March has come, which tells us that Spring has arrived. The sun doesn’t hide behind the clouds anymore. Sun smiles, I smile! Now I know why people who live near north pole like Norway and Iceland feel blue at most time. And they have the problem of forever nights or forever days for both half of a year. I am lucky to live in a country which has normal day and night. Don’t get me wrong. I just feel lucky to live in such a nice place. And I believe North Europe is also a nice place for living. People there are very nice, and the natural scenes and environment are very beautiful and clean. I absolutely will move there for my retiring life.

Dress: Crush Factory – N Heart Cotton Dress – Vain Inc. Kiss Hunt gift

Sneakers: Vain Inc. Kiss Hunt gift

Hair: TRUTH – Sunday Dune

FG Underground-Valentine

Oops! I accidentally put on the dark knight dress and I go get tattoo! It is my very first to get tattoo. Not bad huh? Maybe I should do more things evil such as being a witch and spell sweet curse on you! My lover, my dear friends or nobody? I don’t know who will be my target, so you had better watch out!!! Ummm…wanna come get a juicy apple? You will love it! LOL

Dress: FG Underground – Valentine – Vain Inc. Kiss Hunt gift (so does tattoo)

Protect Kiwi

Outfit: Protect Kiwi – Vain Inc. Kiss Hunt gift – Stripe Tube Top & Blue Faded Pants

Heels: (Polina Kaestner) Suede Peep-Toe – Vain Inc. Kiss Hunt gift

Bracelet: Genesis Metal Love ID bracelet – Vain Inc. Kiss Hunt gift


To be continued…



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