Happy Friday! Night Life!

Yeah! Today is Friday. I am so happy because holidays is coming. What do you usually do on the weekend? I am very curious. Please share with me! For me, I will choose to be a couch potato. From Mon. ~ Fri., I get home late at about 9 or 10 pm, so I just want to rest at my lovely home and watch nice TV programs such as HBO, Cinemax. I love movies btw. I also love TV series, CSI, Sex And The City, and LOST for example. Sex and the City is the most realistic. It does happen all those things in our world. How women treat men and how men treat women are both very interesting things. Love is good. It makes us feel happy. But when we have to break up, it is so hard to be apart. (I mean for most people. I know there are some people who don’t care much. Should we describe them as “optimistic” people?) I talk too much…

The weather is cold today, so I must wear heavy coat to keep warm. You know how it feel if you get cold…

PureStyle 25ans free coat

Coat/dress: 25ans – PureStyle free coat (Group gift, so you have to join the group first.)

Boots: +Brain+ – terminal Fast boots 2black

Earrings: *Ticky Tacky* C’est L’amour Jewelry Set (Vain Inc. kissed hunt gift)

Hair: R’S Hair Style for 25ans – Updos

A.Y.Y. EDI purple

Hoowoo!!! I am not a couch potato now. I lie on the bar because I go to a nightclub and dance all night! Friday night is so attractive and I change into a sexy, alluring woman. My butt shakes so severely. Let’s dance and revel all night!

T-shirt: A.Y.Y. – EDI purple (lucky chair gift)

Shorts: Mirrors – mini gray stripe

Socks: [Leezu] – Corazon Stockings (12 colors) (group gift)

Earrings: 25ans – DayDream fall in love earring (group gift, wear tag)

Hair: SLink. – Suzie LC gift Blonde ponytail (lucky chair prize)




2 thoughts on “Happy Friday! Night Life!

  1. Love it..but so low that you are one of thsoe that cant give credit to the skin:(

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