Hi all! It has been a long time since I posted from last time. I have been busy in RL and have less free time online. I am a little upset about that. But on the contrast, RL is more important than SL, right? Though busy and tired, I still try to make some time online and check out fabulous designers’ new creations. At least I am happy when I put on those dresses or outfits created by famous designers. I totally forget the exhaustion! STC -Group Gift -Anne Dress

Today I show you this sweet dress from Sweeter Than Candy. I am really smiling…

Dress: STC Group Gift Anne Dress 02/22  (very cute!!!)

Heels: Brazilian Style – Bronze (I bought with 1L but I don’t know whether there is a sale.)

(nova) -Aline

I know it is ridiculous that recently I just start to open the boxes of Vain Inc. Kissed Hunt gifts. LOL! I just don’t have time to open them when I just got them. And RL is calling me all the time so I have no time to open them. Now I finally I have time to open them. I got all 245 gifts from Vain Inc. I am going to take my time and show you all of the gifts. Be patient and look forward to what I will find out! Alright, back to the topic, the photo above is from Vain Inc..

Hot pink dress offered by (nova), including the lovely hat, heels, scarf and purse.

PixelLounge -Linen Suit Set

Suit: PixelLounge Vain Inc. Kissed Hunt gift – Linen Suit Set

AFD -KissedAFD -Kissed

Sports Set & Black corset dress: AFD kissed gifts   (It is very cool and I think it is good to go with black high heels.)

Trubble-Die Cupid

This is very different from my usual photos. I wrote “Die Cupid” on the pic is because the dress is called Die Cupid. It is a gift on Valentine’s Day. I guess the creator just wants to joke. I am just kidding too. So those who have great partners please ignore my words. I just want to be different. Maybe I am jealous of all you lovers, lol. I have to admit I do look forward to my Mr. Right showing up. Will you be mine?

Dress: Trubble kissed hunt gift – Die hard.




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