I am Pink Outfitter!

Hiya! Two days ago, I got a group gift from Pink Outfitter. At first I thought it is a store which only sells “PINK” outfits. But I am wrong. When I tp’d there, I finally knew that it not only sells pink outfits, but also sells many other colors’ outfits. Therefore, I joined the group immediately. The designer is so great too! I fall in love with the creations! Love ya! MUAH!

Pink Outfitter Group Gift-Eva Turtleneck

Don’t doubt it. The sweater is truely BLUE, not PINK! I am just a person who wear Pink Outfitter’s outfits, so I call myself Pink Outfitter. It both refers to me and the fashion brand! I am so excited when I think of naming the title. Hope you all like it! BTW, winter is gone and spring is coming. I feel so happy. In fact, I have the feeling of falling in love with someone. Maybe I am waiting for my Mr. Right showing up. But I sometimes think that there is still a lot of  time to make a boyfriend, why am I in such a hurry? I will be 20 in April, 2009. I am still young, ain’t I? So I think I should spend more time learning skills or languages. I should make myself be more competitive in the future. But the other I tell me that I should make a boyfriend and learn to get along with men. What should I do? However, making a boyfriend now is good in a way. Because you don’t have to think about whether his job is good enough or he is promising in the future. That is too realistic. We need romance in our life, right? Romance brings us with happiness. In conclusion, I am expecting love coming toward me. Are you interest in me? LOL…


Blue Sweater: Pink Outfitter Group Gift-Eva Turtleneck

Pants: Pink Outfitter – Director High Waist Pant – cream

Heels: Brazilian Style – Light blue scarpin

Hair: AVEDA – Med Straight – Champagne




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