Messy Closet III

Hiya! This is a beautiful Saturday. In the evening, I am sure that it is nice to attend parties or go out for dinner with lovers. We need to be dressed. You never know when you will meet someone else in a public place, so we have to get dressed and then we won’t feel embarrassed with easy outfits. As I am still cleaning my closet, I find out very good gowns from Sascha! You can wear them to attend parties or go out eat at a restaurant. The followings are what I find out in my closet. Thank you Sascha for offering such nice gowns.

SAS-Lily purple

Gown: Sascha’s Design – Lily purple

This is my favorite gown from all of Sascha’s Designs. I love purple!

SAS-Merel Champagne

Gown: Sascha’s Design – Merel Champagne

SAS-Obsession Black

Gown: Sascha’s Design – Obsession Black

This gown has two kinds of skirts- long and short. The one I am wearing is short. Short skirt is more cute and young, and long skirt is more elegant and matured. You can decide which one to wear according to your mood.

SAS-Casablanca Black

Gown: Sascha’s Design – Casablanca Black

This one is especially suitable for ceremonies such as Golden Globe or Oscar ceremonies. The upcoming Oscar ceremony is coming soon. 2/23 is the ceremony. I am waiting for it and I can’t wait to see how the movie stars show their charms. Which star do you support? You can share with me!

SAS-Bibi Silver

Gown: Sascha’s Design – Bibi Silver

This gown is very SEXY, because the V chest can show your nice boobs. Hope you like them all! BTW, hurry up and get your favorite gown to attend parties and revel all Saturday night.

*Other details*

Skin: CUPCAKES  Gift 5 –  Lovespell lace (Valentine’s day hunt gift)

Hair: ETD – Anisa Blonde

Earrings & Necklace: Caroline’s – Graduated Diamond Set

Heels: Brazilian Style – ROSA E PRATA




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