Messy Closet

Hiya! These days I disappeared all beacuse of VACATION! I went out to take a little trip with friends. We went to theme park and had a lot of fun! BUT I miss SL quite much. When I was on a ride of tour bus, I thought of SL and I guessed my e-mail box would be full of messages from fashion stores and groups notices. I am right, so I took a lot of time to decide to delete or keep the notecards. Suddenly, I found out my inventory is full of clothes  and notecards that I haven’t sorted to files. Now I have to try on all of the outfits and sort them into the right files. > < I am so tired! I even have a lot of boxes waited for me to open. So I suggest you must clean your inventory when you have free time. I shouldn’t have taken the trip with friends. oh my… As I clean up my messy closet, I took one photo of great designers’ artworks. Wish you like it! I try my best to show you the newest outfits or accessories in these days.

Winter Jacket Black 

Pic 1:   Outfit: Sexy Angel – Winter Jacket Black (including pants and hat)

              Hair: glitter – Ash easy short hair




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