Messy Closet II

I clean up my closet which is full of new outfits and old ones. I found out I got some outfits two times. LOL! Sometimes we don’t know we already have those outfits. My memory is bad. Maybe many fashionistas are like me. Bad memory is a problem, but for us, it isn’t a problem, is it? We all need beautiful outfits, so we must have many clothes in our closets. The problem is that you spend a great deal of money buying the same things. If they are freebies, then it is ok, but if it costs much, then you are really in big trouble. So we have to be careful before purchasing. Think TWICE before you do it! Now, I have cleaned my closet but haven’t checked all of the outfits. Here are some things I found and I want to share with you.

Bliss Couture Woven Coat

The skin is a gift from IMAGEN. I got it but haven’t tried it until now. The jacket is from Bliss Couture. Amutey dropped me this gift. Thank you, Amutey!

Skin : IMAGEN – (IS)Lia Norte Valentina

Coat : Bliss Couture – Woven Coat (Turquoise)

STUFF Black Plaid dressSTUFF Surprise GiftSTUFF Surprise GiftSTUFF Surprise Gift

Above are all from STUFF. It offered a free gift hunt and there were 10 items. Here I show you 4 of 10.

Pic 1: STUFF Surprise 1 – Black Plaid dress (Free)

Pic 2: STUFF Surprise 9 – White sexy Cinched dress (Free)  / Hair: TRUTH – Makayla – Desert (not free)

Pic 3: STUFF Surprise 2 – Soho Black boots (Free)

Pic 4: STUFF Surpise 3 – Vixen Red heels (Free)

ECO Free skinECO Free Shape

This is a free shape from ECO. You can find it in the mainstore. The shape is called HEAVEN’S SHAPE. Am I sexy? lol…

Pink Dreamer Party dress

This beautiful dress is from Pinkoutfitter! When I first saw it, I bought it right away withougt thinking.

Dress: [Pink] The Dreamer Party dress – euclia pink (50L)

Phoenix Rising dollarbie dress

I love reading Suri’s posts, so I often follow her fashion news. The dress from Phoenix Rising is a news in Suri’s article. When I saw it at first sight, I fell in love with it and I hurried there to check out whether it is a free gift. To my disappoint, it is not a free gift. But I am still so eager to get it, fortunately it costs only 5L or so. (forgive my ill memory) There are many other gifts for you in Phoenix Rising store, and most of them are 10-20L. Such sophisticated outfits worth it!

Sapphire'sSapphire'sSapphire'sThese 3 gowns are from Sapphire’s. They are gifts of VDay hunt held by Sascha. You can find its mainstore at Sascha’s Designs sim. These gowns make you look so elegant. great choices for parties!


This is a limited edition for Valentine’s day from SySy’s. SySy created the new Wena dress and it was near VDay, so she established the limited edition-Rose. It is so beautiful, isn’t it? When I just arrived at SySy’s sim, I saw the dress and there was a sign which told us this pink dress is limited. Therefore I bought it right away just in case it would be gone forever.

–The End–



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