Night Girl!

Hiya! Today I suddenly thought that I haven’t introduced you the new designer Anja’s other works. Last time I posted her designs for winter called SET WINTER and a comfy outfit called Casual Girl. Don’t you think she’s creative? I love her designs. She told me she is stilling learning other skills of making outfits. She’s so active! So you definitely have to take a look at her designs.

Night girl seriesNight Girl 2 series

Anja established 2 series of Night Girl. Apparently, you can tell those outfits are great choices when you attend a party or go to a pub and hang out with friends or your lovers! 

Party Girl

This sexy outfit is called Party Girl! For me, it is a exposure. I think I don’t have the courage to wear it and go out to a party or night club, because I am Chinese. 🙂 I am still a little conservative, but I accpet mini skirts or tanks!

Forgive my poor photographing. As told before, I am practing my skills of editing photos. I will try my best to bring you the best photos and news. Oh! I forgot one more important thing. Anja has a SALE policy now. BUY 2 and GET 1 FREE! So what are you waiting for? Hurry up to her mainstore Sexy Angel!


Hair – ETD – Lovely (blonde) (1L)

Earrings – Amaretto – Drop Earring

Bangle – BastChild Design – Gold/Diamond 3

All outfits – SEXY ANGEL

Heels – Brazilian Style – Bronze SCARPIN (1L)




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