Casual Girl

Hiyas! I came back 2 days ago from vacation. I MISS SL very much, so the first thing I did when I got home was logging in SL and checking all messages and reading bloggers’ “new” posts. (well, for me all posts are new :)) Finally I am back. Though vacation is great and I am very happy, I still think of SL in the evening. And as expected, when I logged in, the messages were TOO many to read. I kept clicking OK, but I was careful of clicking it. I was afraid of missing very important fashion news. Thank God I didn’t miss anything. (I often click the wrong button and the news are gone forever!)

These 2 days I was looking around and discovering new creations! Remember I posted a designer’s creation, SET WINTER? Recently she releases new creations again. The outfit I am wearing is called “Casual Girl”, created by Anja, who is the designer and owner of SEXY ANGEL.

Casual Girl

You can tell when you wear it, you definitely will feel very comfy and you can do any sports or walk on the street and go shopping. Though casual, you are still very stylish and fashionable. People on the street will stare at you till they can’t see you! When I want to be free and feel comfy, I definitely will pick this outfit from my closet. You’ve read my article and listened to my murmuring. I will end here and a close-up for you.

Casual Girl


Hair – TRUTH – Ash (Dune)

Earrings – OPIUM – Everyday Silver Diva Earring (free)

Bracelet – Fishy Strawberry – brown wood

Outift – Sexy Angel – Casual Girl (lucky board gift)

Heels – Kumamoto Japan – Wood White (free)




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