Hiya gorgeous fashionistas! I haven’t left for vacation yet, so I can bring you something. well, it is not new at all. Today I show you the lovely outfit by Kunglers. The designer always offer sophisticated outfits, and that’s why so many stylish bloggers love her artworks, including me.


I am not only going to share you with the outfit, but also going to share you with a story which happened to me today. When I just got dressed, a Russian who is a newbie comes toward me. I was focusing on reading bloggers’ blogs and he bumped into me. He bumped into me more than once, and I was very very furious. I asked him whether he needs any help, and he said no and kept bumping into me! OMG! It is my first time to meet such an idiot newbie, who is so impolite and rude. I told him stop bumping into me and he replied ” I like it. It is fun.” After hearing that, I told him very seriously, I even used the word “PLEASE”, so you can imagine how angry I was. He said ” ok, dolly” and walked away. That’s why I named the title “Dolly.” Having this experience, I finally undertsand why so many people hate newbies. Some are really rude. So if you are reading my article, Newbies, please take our feelings into consideration before you play with us. We should respect every person.

Though I was very furious with his ill-mannered action, after hearing he call me “Dolly”, I feel much better. My look does look like a doll. I think I am not good at arguing with others or being mad with others, because those who say sweet words or apologize first, then I will be very nice and forget the anger. I know I should imporve that. I will try my best…

Two days later, I will be away for one week. I definitely will miss SL and all the fabulous designers and bloggers. If you want to inform me with something, you are very welcome to send me an e-mail and here’s my e-mail address: Or you can leave a comment on my blog Sasha Kormann’s wonderland.


Hair – Truth – Izzy (1L)

Outfit (includes bracelets)- Kunglers – group gift Jan 27

Heels – Brazilian Style – water green scarpin (1L)




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