*Bliss Couture* ch.2

Hi everyone. Today I show you Amutey’s another gown. Please take a look at it:

Bliss Couture Ms beautiful Pageant Gown 

This is another elegant artwork of Amutey’s. This gown is called Ms Beautiful Pageant gown. make you think of a pageant ? This gown really does look like a pageant. When I wear it, I feel very calm and peaceful. 🙂 I am dreaming of being a movie star on the red carpet. But there is no red carpet, so I think ” I can stand on the stairs, and I look like a STAR who is going to attend a party! And I even make a pose of waving back at the crowds.

Bliss Couture Ms Beautiful Pageant gown_001

One more pose for you, my lovely fans! and now I am going inside.

Bliss Couture Ms Beautiful Pageant gown_003

Ok! Thank you  my dear fans for waiting for me for such a long time. See you next time! Bye! (gone…and the fans look at my tiny body disappear from the luxurious door…)

– The End-


Gown –  *Bliss Couture* – Ms Beautiful Pageant gown (silver, with the white shawl)

Earrings – poco a poco – circle earrings (Footprint hunt gift)

Hair – ETD – Phoebe (blonde, 1L)




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