*Bliss Couture* ch.1

A few days ago, *Bliss Couture* gown designer Amutey DeCuir dropped me some elegant gowns! THANK YOU, Amutey! So today I am goint to show you one of her fabulous designs.

*Bliss Couture* Bernice gown

This gown is called “Bernice”. It has 6 colors. The one I am wearing is gold. I think it is special because of the flexi ruffles on my neck. It is so elegant with the ruffles, isn’t it?

Bernice gown

Look! The shades of the skirt part is so sophisticated. It makes you look elegant and SEXY. Amazing! It offers 6 colors, including blue, fushsia, gold, lime, purple and red. Can’t stand anymore? Let’s go and grab it home! 🙂  BTW, the following days I will bring you more news of *Bliss Couture* gowns. Expect it!


Gown – *Bliss Couture* – Bernice gown (gold)

Heels – a Brazil sim freebie (I forgot where it is)

Hair – ETD – Anisa (blonde)




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