GaleriaFashion New Releases

Today I am so lucky! I was given two fabulous outfits by Ammy, the designer of Galeria Fashion. THANK YOU, Ammy, MUAHHHH!


This is one of the new releases in the store. It is elegant, isn’t it? I feel like I am a princess LOL. The dress also includes the lovely white heels and stockings. Can you tell that I am wearing stockings? The stockings is a little pink I think, but it looks transparent. The only one which is not Ammy’s work is my hair. A close-up for you:


Are you looking at me? hehe…….


This is another new release in the store too. This one includes not only the sparkly dress, but also  the scarf , black heels and gray stockings. How do I look like? very SEXY huh? Yah! The sunglasses is also a new release! I LOVE it!♥ It is a must-have sunglasses. Once you wear it, you will become the most fashionable.


Pic 1 & Pic 2 :

   Dress, heels, stocking – Galeria Fashion NEW YEAR DRESS 2

    Hair – ETD – Laine – dirty

Pic 3 :

   Dress, heels, stocking, scarf – Galeria Fashion Jan.09 Dress 1

   Sunglasses – Galeria Fashion – 1 black lente vinho

   Hair – ETD – Anya – sunny




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