New designer Anja’s work!

I am back! After 9 days of the new year, I get online now and start write and bring you fashion news again. Today I am going to tell you a BIG NEWS. There is a new Designer who creates fabulous outfits for women. SHE is Anja Oconnell. The following pic is one of HER CREATIONS:


The fabulous coat is called SET WINTER. It is elegant but also full of luxury. Once you put on this coat, you definitely will CATCH many EYES!

Anja Oconnell is very amiable and open-minded. Such a SEXY Portugal women! She has her own store called Sexy Angel. Her style of design is SEXY. Most outfits are jeans and sexy tanks. BTW, she also offers FREEBIE every week. You definitely have to check the items everyday. Quickly Go and be ready for spending your money! It is worthy of  it.


Enjoy ♥


2 thoughts on “New designer Anja’s work!

  1. Hi Polly. Thanks for the comment, but I don’t get what you want to tell me. If you want me to post your designs, please give me a website or blog of your designs. And I want to make sure whether you are a SL user. It seems that you are a RL designer. I post SL outfits. Thanks a lot again!:)

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