Sunday look

Hello all! Today is Sunday and I am wearing for a cute style and look. It’s not normal and better for relaxing holidays. Though cold but the sun comes out, so I am really in a happy mood today and wish all of you are happy too! Happy weekend!

20140105_001 20140105_002 20140105_003

Hair: 69 – Sweet Devillin – old gift

Skin: Glam Affair – Mokatana – America (Happy Xmas Group gift)

Earrings: Kunglers – Pearls & Gold Earrings (Xmas group gift)

Dress: EASTERiNG – Noemi Dress New!

Shoes: GraffitiWear – White Snow Bell boot (2014 January Sub-o-gift)


x.o.x.o. Dolly Sasha



Happy 2014 Year!

Hello all SL fashionistas! Wish you have a great new year holiday with family, lovers and friends while counting the 2014 year to come. I am really happy for the coming of 2014 because it’s a breakthrough for both of me and my family. No matter good or bad things happened on us, they are tests from God and once you pass and make through it, you definitely will grow and be more matured from these experiences. A NEW year means a brand new start so we just need to move on and look on the bright side.

Today I am showing you my RED outfit as for the X’mas and the upcoming Chinese New Year! Many SL fashion designers are so generous to give out holiday gifts and don’t forget to grab them while the holidays is still on!

20140101_001 20140101_002 20140101_003


Skin: Belleza – Nina Med Xmas Gift (Group Gift)

Hair: 69 – Sweet Devilkin – Brown (older gift)

Dress: G Filed – 2012 Holiday Gift (still available now in mainstore)

Pumps: G Field – 2013 Holiday Gift (still available)

Necklace & Earrings & Ring: Kunglers – 2013 Dec Group gift (not available)


x.o.x.o.♥Dolly Sasha

The new in the old

Hello to my fellow SL fashionistas! After a break since last week, today I am blogging something that’s not new at all but still new enough in the virtual world. As I stated before, I somehow like the good-looking and stylish clothing from EASTERiNG, which is the brand created by designer Cristine Easterling.

Today I am wearing a dress with a pair of cute boots and girls all know even the weather is cold, you couldn’t live without dresses even in the severe cold winter. So let’s wear dress together!


Hair: lamb – bitter – Honeycomb

Dress: EASTERiNG – Lucy Dress (NEW)

Heels: EASTERiNG – Dolly Shoes with HUD to change color (NEW)


x.o.x.o. Dolly Sasha


Have something cool today

Today I am sharing you with my cool look. Usually I don’t wear neutral or cool clothing and that’s not my main style. But today I want to try the different style as I find out the fabulous gift from Vero Modero is so good. And it’s a perfect look with the belt from EASTERLiNG. Wish you like it and have a great day today!

20131205-VeroModero_001 20131205-VeroModero_002 20131205-VeroModero_003

Hair: lamb – sugarless – Powder

Outfit: Vero Modero – Female Group gift

Belt: EASTERiNG – Onyx Belt

Boots: Duh – Leather Booties – Camel


x.o.x.o.♥Dolly Sasha


Wear something warmer…

As winter is already coming and the weather keeps dropping down to 10 degrees and even less in my country, we need to wear something warmer but also keep being stylish. Usually I don’t think I can wear beautifully because my clothing for winter is all dark colors. But this year I find out that there are many ways to keep myself stylish even in winter times. Try something colorful for your accessories!

Today I had a little talk with the “EASTERLiNG” designer Christine Easterling. And I find she makes very good mesh outfits for SL. Here’s what I share with you today and wish you like my look and don’t forget to grab the great winter coat from Easterling!

20131204-Easterling new_001 20131204-Easterling new_002 20131204-Easterling new_003


Skin: Glam Affair – Angelica Skin (Group Gift)

Hair: Exile – Valentine’s Gift

Coat: EASTERLiNG – Taylor Peacoat (NEW)

Jeans: *COCO* – SkinnyJeans (Group Gift)

Heels: VG – Xtreme Pumps (NEW)

Watch: glow studio – it’s too late watch (was a gift)

Earrings & Necklace: Addiction – Spell Set – Amethyst


x.o.x.o.♥Dolly Sasha

My comeback stage with COCO Designs

Hello Second Life fashionistas! Two month ago, I just came back to SL after a 1 and half year long break. And you know what happened to my inventory when I just logged in. My inventory was fulled of notecards, group notices and designers’ gifts. It took me a long time to clean and put all stuffs to be organized in each folder. But I was sad that some of my favorite stores already closed last year or even long time ago. It’s such a pity. But as the old ones gone, the new ones also comes up to the stage.

While I found that one of my favorite brand – *COCO* Designs is giving out sophisticated group gifts, I can’t wait to blog them although you may already knew and had them. Apologies for blogging the old gifts but they are one of my favorites.  And wish you will keep reading my blog as I will try my best to share with you what I like.

20131204-COCO Gift_001 20131204-COCO Gift_002

Hair: Exile – Need You Now – Caramello (TDRB sale)

Necklace: *COCO* – GoldChainNecklace (Group gift still available now)

Jacket & Dress: *COCO* – Tuxedo Jacket with Sequin Dress (Group gift still available now)

Eyeliner: T.Z. – Tightlined Double Wing Eyeliner Black

Heels: Orange Creation – Mercy – Gold


x.o.x.o.♥Dolly Sasha

Be a butterfly

The hot summer has already arrived. And we know flowers, sun, bright colors are basic elements of summer. So today I am showing you one colorful shot of my second life with beautiful dress and a cute pose.

Hair: Truth – Bunny – Chocolate (previous Group Gift)

Dress: Kakia Designs – Exclusively Yours Butterfly Dress – Blue (or Pink) NEW!

Pose & Flower: Juxtapose – Daisy Jane Pose Set – Daisy Jane 1 NEW!

x.o.x.o.♥Dolly Sasha